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Back in December 2007 I bought a new RCA HD TV. It took us a month to have the equipment installed and hooked up to HD Programming.

Six Months Later the picture quit. Set has been in the shop for for repair over 30 days. Parts are not available. Model # HD52W58YX1.

Customer Service gives the run around, and no comments. I asked for a new TV, The only reply was wait till you have your tv back from repair shop, a authorized service center for RCA-Thomson.

I need a little help here to resolve the issue of being not satisfied with their product or service.

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That sounds way too familiar. I had a 61" Rear projection TV that the screen had got damaged.

I called to get a part from them and they told me to take it to a service center. I told them I can take out 6 screws and put in a new plastic screen without hauling a heavy TV to a center. After bickering with them they finally got me to someone in parts that told me that the part was not available anymore. I would have wasted time money and effort dragging this in to a center to find out they couldn't fix it.

This TV was only 4 years old and cost me $2500 back in the day. The part was only $400 if it was available. Since screens are one of the items that can get damaged easy you would think that they would make sure they would have them available.

I will never buy another RCA product again. When I told them that they didn't even care.

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